Geosense is a reputable, independent geological remote sensing consultancy that has gained global recognition for its top-quality remote sensing services. Over the last 30 year we have built up a unique experience in the use of satellite, airborne and ground remote sensing technology and interpretations for the mining and mineral exploration business.

Geological remote sensing isn’t just useful in dry areas without significant vegetation, where plenty of outcrop provides a perfect view of the local geology. A lot of useful information can be gathered in vegetated terrain, where outcrop is often difficult to find, but the terrain provides an accurate reflection of the underlying geology.
The same is true for areas where younger rocks have been deposited over significant portions of the units that form the geological targets. For example in parts of the arctic, full of glacial deposits, as well as in those parts of the world where the transported cover possibly hides ore deposits.

With remote sensing technology advancing and the number of satellites increasing, much smaller footprints of mineralization and alteration can be recognized than ever before. This can be ideal to vector in on the core of the system. Both structure and stratigraphy can also be mapped in much more detail nowadays. Get in touch with Geosense to see how we can help you out at your project.

Our services include: